Lunch & Learn Sessions

Lunch & Learn Sessions will feature a facilitator with a maximum of nine delegates. Sixty groups over a three-day are planned. A reservation fee of $25 USD will apply to book your spot! Delegates will be limited to one Lunch & Learn to allow for maximum participation. Rerservations will be available as of January 2018 (at the launch of online registration).

Preliminary confirmed list, please check for updates as the program comes into focus!


  • "Differences Between Adult and Pediatric Liver Transplantation"
    Carlos O. Esquivel, United States

  • "PSC and LT; Allocation, Timing, Selection"
    Christian P. Strassburg, Germany

  • "Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) Transplantation to Increase Donor Pool"
    Vivek Kute, India

  • "Rejection Under Steroid-Free Belatacept Therapy: What to Expect and How to Treat"
    E. Steve Woodle MD, United States

  • "How to Promote Health and Self-management After Thoracic TRransplantation"
    Anna Forsberg, Sweden

  • "Significance of Sarcopenia in Liver Transplantation"
    Toshimi Kaido, Japan

  • "Management of the HIV Positive Transplant Recipient"
    Peter G. Stock, United States &
    Elmi Muller, South Africa

  • "Essentials of Organ Donor Research"
    Claus Niemann, United States

  • "Long Term Complications After Kidney Transplantation"
    Germaine Wong, Australia

  • "Sex at the Bench and Beyond: A Discussion on the Importance of Including Sex as a Biological Variable in Research!"
    Deborah Clegg, United States

  • "Critically Ill Liver Transplant Candidate"
    Catherine Paugam-Burtz, France

  • "Transplant-related Crimes: When Are We Not Doing Enough and When Are We Going Too Far?"
    Marta López-Fraga, France

  • "Making Medical Decisions: Beyond EBM"
    Karl K. Young, Hong Kong

  • "Technical Tips in Live Donor Hepatectomy including Laparoscopic Donor Hepatectomy"
    Kyung-Suk Suh, Korea


  • "General Adolescent Issues"
    Miriam Kaufman, Canada

  • "Advocacy of Pancreas and Islet Transplantation"
    Frantisek Saudek, Czech Republic

  • "Xenograft tolerance"
    Megan Sykes, United States

  • "Different Strategies for Beta Cell Replacement for the Cure of Type 1 Diabetes"
    Peter G. Stock, United States

  • "Meeting the Demand for Organ Availability"
    Stefan G. Tullius, United States

  • "Blocking Inflammation for Cell and Organ Tolerance"
    Maria Koulmanda, United States

  • "Measuring OPO Performance – What’s the Right Denominator and Parameters?"
    Richard Hasz, United States &
    Howard M. Nathan, United States

  • "Preparing your Patient for Transplant & Prevention of Infection After Transplant: Antibiotics, Antivirals, Vaccines"
    Camille Kotton, United States

  • "Preparation of Children for Renal Transplantation"
    Stephen D Marks, United Kingdom

  • "Toward HLA Epitope Matching in Clinical Transplantation"
    Franz HJ Class, The Netherlands

  • "Why Commercialism is Difficult to Eradicate"
    Stephen D Marks, United Kingdom

  • "Robotic Kidney Transplantation: Current Status, An Update And Future Perspectives"
    Pranjal Modi, India


  • "Building a Serious Research Career in Transplant Surgery"
    Dorry Segev, United States

  • Targeting Metabolism to Regulating Immune Responses"
    Jonathan Powell, United States

  • "Pitfalls in Graft Survival Analysis (explaining the most frequently made mistakes in the statistical analysis of survival data in the field of kidney transplantation)"
    Caner Süsal, Germany

  • "How to use 50% of all lungs from the lung donor pool- without EVLP"
    Gregory Snell, Australia

  • "The Microbiome in Transplantation"
    Jay Fishman, United States

  • "Trained Immunity in Organ Transplantation"
    Jordi Ochando, Spain

  • "Hypothermia"
    Olivier Bastien, France

  • "Pre-liver Transplant Cardiac Evaluation – Not Just CAD"
    James Findlay, United States

  • "Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)"
    Daniel Cherqui, France

  • "Tailoring the Pump for Bridge to Transplant Patients"
    Simon Maltais, United States

  • "Promoting Medication Adherence in Kidney Transplant Recipients"
    Bethany Foster, Canada

Important Dates

  • Extended to December 6, 2017!
    Abstract submission deadline
  • December 8, 2017
    Application for Awards deadline
  • February 15, 2018
    Communication to submitter on approved / rejected abstracts
  • March 1, 2018
    Deadline for presenter registration (early-bird deadline)

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